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Nick Piazza

With nearly 20 years of experience in business, finance, and consulting, Nick embodies expertise and professionalism with small-town sensibility and character.



Creating and identifying opportunity in life and business

Born in the Bighorn Basin of northwest Wyoming, Nick developed resilience and fortitude that would prove invaluable as he turned his attention to the world of finance and banking. Starting his financial career at a leading Ukrainian investment company, Concorde Capital Nick developed from his roles in sales, research, and finance, eventually landing him in the role of Corporate Finance Coordinator at Concorde Capital. In 2008 he joined BG Capital, an arm of Bank of Georgia which specializes in investment banking. With Nick as CEO, BG Capital became a leader in Ukraine and Georgia, most notably in terms of IPO’s and private placements. The firm was recognized as the Best Investment Bank in Central and Eastern Europe  by Euromoney.


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